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It's the most brilliant star in Ursa major constellation and the most stellar perfume you can find here, on earth. But only here. Tiziana Terenzi composed this eclectic, aromatic, vibrating fragrance for every niche lover who chooses Obsentum.

The fragrance comes in a precious golden glass bottle covered with a golden cap. The handmade labels are fashioned from the finest Tuscan leather. And the golden box lights up, like a star on the night sky, when opened. If stars would have a scent, Tiziana Terenzi imagined an amazing cocktail of Sardinian Saffron, Java Nutmeg, Dolomite Raspberry, Malaysian Cardamom, Keralan Black Pepper, Bulgarian Rose and Musk Rose, Caramelised White Sugar, Tuscan Leather, Cuban Cedarwood, Indian Sandalwood, Laos Oud, Tuscan Oakmoss, Frankincense, Ambergris and Indian Red Patchouli.

Finally, you can touch, smell and wear a star! A most dazzling star exclusively created for Obsentum.

Exclusivity for Obsentum